About Us

Meet Liv

Behind the Hazel & Gilbert name stands a Liv! Hello! I’m Liv.

I’m a cheerful, passionate and organised person who loves bringing people’s ideas to life! I’m all about bridging that gap between creative ideas and execution.

You’re going to love working with me if you’re a fan of authentic connection, honest and direct communication, enjoy a bit of structure in your life and are freakin’ excited to create something magical.

What We're All About


At Hazel & Gilbert, we’re all about creating classic branding assets and websites for ambitious solopreneurs and small businesses who value simplicity and connection.

Heart and soul goes into every project. From the get go, if we’re not getting a ‘hell yes!’, it’s going to be a ‘nope’. Liv won’t stop until we’ve created something you’re proud of that strongly resonates with you and your customers.